Stargazer Lily Murrine

This Stargazer Lily pattern can be used to create a flower or used individually increasing its versatility.

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We are excited to bring you this murrine. Put the pieces together to create an amazing Stargazer Lily, turn them pointed end in for a beautiful blossom, or simply use them as individual pieces in your designs. Your pack will contain an array of patterns from across the pull. All made with 100% Bullseye Glass COE90. The designs are created and pulled on our premises and range between 3mm – 12mm in diameter. The murrine can be purchased in 15g or 30g bags. A 15g bag will contain on average 100 pieces, a 30g will contain on average 200 pieces.

Our canes are hand-pulled using a vitrigraph kiln, which means we are able to pull canes of varying thickness to give you a range of sizes.

Stock levels vary, only in-stock items and quantities are shown on our website.

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