French Vanilla Organic Stringers


French vanilla organic stringers COE90.

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COE90 French vanilla organic stringers. French vanilla is a sulphur glass and may react with gold, lead, and copper bearing glasses to create dark outlines (lead sulphide, copper sulphide). Generally more sensitive to heat-history and more likely to show variation in colour after fusing than many opals. This glass may become increasingly white with repeated firings. Due to its nature for variations consider using glass from the same batch for a given project.

We hand-pull these stringers using our vitrigraph kiln, which means we are able to pull varying thicknesses and beautiful curved shapes which add a very natural look. Being hand-pulled, the shapes, curves and bends will always be different. There will be slight variations in colour from the colour shown in the photos as each pull is a brand new batch. Stringers are delicate and are easily crushed or broken, so we will always ship in a rigid cardboard box. We charge this box at cost price within our post and packaging price. Stock levels vary, only in-stock items and quantities are show on our website.

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