Gold Award FiredGlass

I’ll just leave this here…

A new shiny gold award for FiredGlass

Yes that’s right we’ve won an award! It’s a bright and shiny gold award for FiredGlass.

Gold Award FiredGlass

Students who have attended our FiredGlass workshops have awarded us a Gold Award, which we are really honoured about. It means that people who attend one of our courses were extremely happy and pleased with everything about the event. Our reviews can be found here

The journey with us starts from booking through to receiving your final piece you created. We firmly believe the whole experience should be easy and pleasurable. Take away fond memories of the day and we hope you will visit us again, recommend us to your friends, family and colleagues.

Many of our students buzz with excitement from start to finish and look forward to their next workshop. They leave from the first workshop already thinking about what they will make next time. This is wonderful to see and it’s really how we got started into fused kiln glass.

You can make almost anything on a workshop, providing it will fit in the kiln, and can be completed within the timescales.

Our next target is the prestigious platinum award. We have smashed the Bronze and now the Gold awards. Platinum means we have to over 50 reviews and recommendations from students who have attended one of our workshops.

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