Gift voucher for a glass workshop

Gift vouchers launched! I have just uploaded to our shop some gift vouchers for our 2 hour and 1 day glass fused workshops. If you are thinking what to purchase as a Christmas present, Birthday treat, or just because then these will make ideal gifts. Our vouchers look so good you may not want to give them away. A fixed to the front of the envelope is a small glass keepsake to help enthuse your recipient and get them thinking about what they can make on their workshop. Gift

Gift voucher launched for workshops
Gift vouchers launched for a glass workshop comes with a glass keepsake attached to the outer envelope. Inside is a voucher for a course together with the details of what to do to book your course.

Gift voucher launched for a glass workshop

Gift voucher launched for a glass workshop

Order yours today from our shop.

Once you have ordered we will post out the voucher to the address you have used at checkout.

Do you do general gift vouchers?

Absolutely! We can create a gift voucher for any amount from for any use in our shop or courses.  So it does not have to be for the full amount, you can purchase an amount that the individual can use to put towards their purchase or workshop event.

I think I will add these options to the shop too! As I type the answer to this question it seems a sensible thing to do.  

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